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Past President Russ Ideson is looking great after undergoing gall bladder surgery 2 weeks ago. Gerry Enns reported that Club Members (and both also Past Presidents) Charlie Fortin and Rob Nicklom have been in hospital with heart issues. Charlie is now at home. We all wish them both a speedy recovery!
It was great to see Andrea Stiller's husband Doug win one of the $120 cash prizes!
Fun fact: Bailey, a new trainer at Ascend Fitness has won one of the $120 prizes in 2 consecutive months!
A Year Later...
February marked exactly a year since President Mike McLatchy led an intrepid team of fellow Rotarians (and spouses) to "connect the world".
Their trip to visit our sister club in Takasaki, Japan and their subsequent trip tp Cebu in the Philippines to launch our Clean Water initiative is documented on our website.
Thanks to International Committee Chair, Doug Stilling, for providing the pictures and information.
Chilliwack-Hope MP Mark Strahl gives us an update from Ottawa.
Bring your questions!
MEETING: Scheduled from 11.30am
Meeting ID: 839 5349 0102
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Last Week's Speaker
Our guest speaker last week was a breath of fresh air: Jewel Hand, the new Destination Marketing Manager for Tourism Chilliwack. We learned about their strategy for marketing Chilliwack's many outdoor venues and activities to locals. You can check out her enthusiastic and entertaining presentation in the meeting recording link below.
Gary Robbins Link
In case you missed it last week, here is the link to Garry Robbins' 100 mile ultra marathon course through the mountains and trails around Chilliwack which he has named "The Big Chill"
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