Every year our club focuses on a local organisation, or project to direct our Travel Lottery funds towards. We are so proud of our association with the Fraser Healthcare Foundation.
In 2018 our Travel Lottery funding was ear-marked for Children's and Family programmes at the new Chilliwack YMCA facility.
The Chilliwack General Hospital was in dire need of a new CT Scanner and our club was happy to facilitate the purchase of this vital machine.

2019 Winners


JANUARY - London
Trip Winner: Micheline Cotterall
$120 Consolation Prizes:
Bill Vermeer, Mary Kate Mitchell, Sandy Ross & Kevin Wood
FEBRUARY - Alaska Cruise
Trip Winner: Allan Richmond
$120 Consolation Prizes:
AJ Pumps, Bill Cotterall, Jolene Martins & Bill Racher
MARCH - New York
Trip Winner: Jim Orr
$120 Consolation Prizes:
Mark Blessin, Ron Rapp, George Vandenbrink, Lornell Ridley
APRIL - Boston
Trip Winner: Kelvin Wierks
$120 Consolation Prizes:
Marlene Denny, Sean Baron, Carol Tichelman, Richard Stilling
MAY - Disneyland
Trip Winner: Lee Ann Ross
$120 Consolation Prizes:
Jim Schroder, Caroline Harley, Dale Stobbe,
Fred Atkins
JUNE - Caribbean Cruise
Trip Winner: Paul Coltura
$120 Consolation Prizes:
Heppner Trucking, Anne Woodworth, Karen Cayen, 
Gary Ohlausen
JULY - Maui
Trip Winner: Shana Temple
$120 Consolation Prizes:
Warren Ollenburger, Attillio Bortignon, Dennis Swanson, Donna Holden
AUGUST - San Francisco
Trip Winner: Bill Kelly & Howard Schlamb
$120 Consolation Prizes:
JT Cazander, Fiona Famulac, Ron Davidson, Marilyn Trainor
Trip Winner: Randy Ross
$120 Consolation Prizes:
George Vandenbrink, Carmel Bradley, Brandon Goddard, Bernard Le
OCTOBER - Cabo San Lucas
Trip Winner: Char Bohlen
$120 Consolation Prizes:
Lee Ann Ross, Michael Vermilyea, Penny Code, Keith Lohnes
Trip Winner: Kristi Emery
$120 Consolation Prizes:
Char Bohlen,  Kevin Mindell, Kyle Wierks, Ron Davidson
DECEMBER - Puerto Vallerta
Trip Winner: Jean Gilbert
$120 Consolation Prizes:
Shauna Dodd, Joan Carey, Marni Loewen, Jason Herfst