Rotary Club of Chilliwack/Fraser
About Us
Our Club was established in 1982 - our 'Mother Club' is The Rotary Club of Chilliwack. Our club was set up by the Godfather of Rotary in Chilliwack - Fred George.

In 1989 our club in turn co-sponsored a new club (with the Chilliwack Rotary Club) - the Rotary Club of Chilliwack-Mount Cheam.
In 2018 our Club, along with the Mount Cheam Club sponsored a fourth Rotary Club - Rotary After Hours. Additionally we are very proud of our Chilliwack Fraser Rotoract Club.

Our club actively supports the community and takes great pride in our participation of the purchase and set up of the Rotary Hospice House and being the annual sponsor of their 'Hike for Hospice'. We also joined the Chilliwack and Mount Cheam Clubs in work on the Chilliwack Rotary Trail and many other community projects such as Meals on Wheels.

We see and experience the benefits of the Rotary International Youth Exchange Program. Each year we host a high school student from overseas and also send a local student to experience life in another country for a year. This is an incredibly rewarding program.

The club enjoys relaxed and friendly lunchtime meetings and encourage others to join in our banter and fellowship.

Currently we are meeting on ZOOM every Wednesday at noon.
Visitors are always welcome.
100 Years of Rotary in BC
Charter Members
Klaus Berger
Don Clark
Pat Dunn
Jake Dyck
Fred Feistmann
Bill Fisher
Gordon Graham
Ian Grant
John Halsall
Reg Harrison
Drew Hockin
Roger Huysmans
Bob Ingram
Bill Kirkness
Bryan Laver
Walter Lawrin
John Lee
Tony Leong
Les MacDonald
Al Maier
Owen Nelmes
Rob Nicklom
Dennis Pilling
Tony Sacallis
Larry Seiler
Brian Selby
Earl Shepherd
Bob Simpson
Richard Smith
Walter Sussel
David Trevorrow
Ken Turnbull
John Urquhart
Jan Vander Hoek
Bob Zimmerman
Honourary Members
Jack Covey
Fred Feistmann
Charlie Fortin
John Lee
Murray Robbins
Walter Sussel
Past Presidents
Larry Sieler
Brian Selby
Don Clark
1985-86 Bob Corley
1986-87 Bill Fisher
1987-88 John Lee
1988-89 Walter Sussel
1989-90 Roy McLoughlin
1990-91 Ted Baier
1991-92 Owen Nelmes
1992-93 Jack Covey
1993-94 John Urquhart
1994-95 Wayne Dehnke
1995-96 Jake Dyck
1996-97 Pat Patterson
1997-98 Ed Kaye
1998-99 Phil Halladay
1999-00 Rob Nicklom
2000-01 Rod Hudson
2001-02 Hank Pilotte
2002-03 Murray Robbins
2003-04 Al Harniman
2004-05 Darrell Tracey
2005-06 Fred Feistmann
2006-07 Brian Wierks
2007-08 Gerry Enns
2008-09 Jackie Smith
2009-10 Collin Rogers
2010-11 Ron Sturm
2011-12 Nick Bastaja
2012-13 Bruce Hanks
2013-14 Kathy Funk
2014-15 Gary Armstrong
2015-16 Linda Rook
2016-17 Rob Beischer
Fieny van Boom
Russ Ideson
Mike McLatchy
John Halsall
2021-22 Carol Marleau
2022-23 Paolo "Paul" Filippi