President's Message
Let's start with the Rotary International Vision:
Together we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves
This year's Rotary International President Holger Knaak has chosen for his theme: "Rotary Opens Opportunities" - what a wonderful concept.
Internationally that shows up in projects we and other Rotary clubs, using the funds donated by the Rotary Foundation, do so often. For example, providing fresh water where needed for health and hygiene also provides other benefits and opportunities:
  • Opportunities of time, because women and children don't have to travel up to several hours a day on a return journey for safe water. That allows time for more education and business opportunities. 
  • Opportunities for financial security  through the micro loans granted to women by Rotary clubs such as ours, so they can start their own businesses
  • Opportunity of time for education also meshes with the funds from Rotary for projects such as the ARES servers our club recently helped provide and install in Africa
  • We can't forget our pledge to end polio. Think of the opportunity all those now-healthy children will  get to provide for their families, themselves and their communities
Here at home the opportunity to better our country and community is also endless. Over the past several years our club has provided funds for, among other things, the Children's Pediatric Observation Unit in the hospital, the first of 5 barrier-free playground equipment for disabled children, a van for the Bowls of Hope team, the Gwynne Vaughan Park picnic facility, help with the Rotary Trail and scholarship money for high school grads to continue their education.

And let's not forget the enjoyment we've given to so many with the Rotary Train!
Finally, there's an opportunity for us to better ourselves by learning from hands-on projects and the programs offered at our weekly meetings. The opportunity for fun and the friendships we make with fellow Rotarians. With that in mind, let's make an effort to consider to whom we can offer the opportunity to join us.  My job, and your job, for the good of Rotary and Rotoract is to utilize the opportunity to retain our current memberships and find the way to grow by adding new faces and ideas to keep us fresh and up to date.
So here we are. Rotary Opens Opportunities - one of which for me is the honour to serve as President of this awesome club. I welcome all of you to join me in the opportunity, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, of making our club the best in the District.